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September 5, 2009
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Pierre and Renata by VinDeamer Pierre and Renata by VinDeamer
YAYSS you guys finally get to see a bit of what Pierre looks like!! :heart: as lovingly and awesomely drawn by my sis!!

They're like, best friends evah, which is weird because there is absolutely no way Pierre can fit into Renata's story. xDD;; yet they are still best friends of all time in a sort of alternate universe, or what have you. :shrug:

I told my sister, "This looks like it should be a comic book cover for The Adventures of Pierre and Renata or something", and we both thought it would be a SWEET idea to make comics, but dangit, it would be SOOO much work!!! DD8>

So, anyhow. This is my sis's first time finishing a drawing in Photoshop!! Give her a round of applause, people!! It looks AWESOME!! :clap:


Pierre Joliet is ME AND MY SISTER'S CHAR. Don't take him please I would appreciate that....
Renata Linguini's NAME is Disney-Pixar's, but her looks, personality, and all her base are belong to US. >8D
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CurlyHairedDemon Sep 12, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
VinDeamer Sep 13, 2009   Digital Artist
omg that alternate universe is mega crazy. Like, Pierre and Renata are almost always going on adventures in the mansion she lives in (hence where the picture of that phantom Alfredo came from) and so much stuff happens, and usually poor Renata's like ready to drop the baby by then xDDD;; soooo..... yeah, depending on the story, things in that alternate universe can get pret-ty interesting. o__O

Sigma-8 Sep 5, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When I first saw this picture, I was like, "odd, this doesn't quite look like Vin's style." Then I read the description, and realized that's cause your sister drew it. It all makes sense now. Be sure to tell her good job. It's great that you both have your own distinct styles.
VinDeamer Sep 9, 2009   Digital Artist
Haha, she keeps saying "I don't feel like I have my own style like you do", but I keep telling her that she DOES, I mean, it's really distinct especially when juxtaposed with one of my own drawings. Her style is really fun and adorable, and I'm glad people are beginning to notice it! I'm sure she sees this as a serious compliment..... I'll pass on the praise to her! 8DD

Sigma-8 Sep 9, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's funny. Yeah, everyone has their own style, but it's usually hard for a person to pick it out in their own work. Just like everybody speaks with an accent but most people never hear it when they talk because they're so used to it.
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